It’s Here!

I’m very pleased to say that Issue 8 of The Los Angeles Review has arrived! Each issue of the magazine has been a labor of love, but Issue 8 stands out as a special endeavor, and features some of my favorite pieces in LAR’s eight-year history.

You might think the arrival of each magazine might not be terribly exciting for an editor after one’s been through the process a few times, but I have to admit that, when I came home after a rough teaching day yesterday to a big stack of book boxes from our printer, I let out a pretty unbecoming squeal. However many times I work on a magazine with my fellow editors, I hope to maintain that feeling of excitement after a long, hard, worthwhile job.

In this issue, I’m honored to be publishing work by one of my mentors, David Wagoner. I also had the chance to work with Mark Doty, who generously served as our contributing editor (little did I know when I cut my poetic teeth on Mark Doty’s work as an undergraduate that I’d eventually get to interact with him on an editorial basis!). We also had the opportunity to publish wonderful poems from two brand-new, first-time-in-print poets–Bob Perkins and Colin Lockard–and I’m thrilled to be a part of their debut.

I’m also quite honored to be bringing out work by some of our favorite returning contributors, Michael Schmeltzer and Yusa Zhuang, both poets who’ve made big impressions on us in previous issues. And perhaps my favorite work in the issue comes from Christopher Ankney, Mark Brewin, and Chris Haven–all poets whose work I hadn’t known before, and I feel lucky to have become acquainted with over the course of this issue.

So even though there’s work to be done on Issue 9 tonight, I think I’m going to put it to the side, have a glass of wine, and spend some time with this issue, enjoying the feeling of 300 pages of hard work in my hand.

2 Replies to “It’s Here!”

  1. Aw, thanks for the kind shout out Kelly. You, and the rest of the staff, have been a tremendous source of encouragement. It’s been my pleasure and honor not only to be included in your pages, but to make your acquaintance. Keep up the great work, and keep me posted on your forthcoming poetry book!

    – Michael

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