On Interviews and Broaching the Scary Stuff

This past week, I had the opportunity to be interviewed by the talented poet Jenn Givhan. Jenn has a wonderful blog in which she interviews successful writers who also happen to be moms. I was honored to be the first non-mom interviewed on Jenn’s site, talking about my decision to remain childless and how that’s affect me as a writer, a woman, and a member of my community.

Initially, I felt some trepidation about being interviewed; as I mentioned in the interview, I’ve been on the receiving end of some hurtful remarks in the past, and I didn’t have any great desire to open myself to any more criticism. Talking about our personal lives and choices can be truly scary (which is one reason I have no desire to dabble in memoir!).

In the end, I’m very glad that I spoke about my personal choices in this public way, because I’ve gotten a great deal of email in the past week thanking me for doing so. I’ve heard from women who are moms and non-moms, writers and non-writers. Each, in her specific life circumstances, resonated with something that I had to say.

As a writer, what’s better than hearing that your words impacted or even helped someone?

Read the interview here.

2 Replies to “On Interviews and Broaching the Scary Stuff”

  1. Eloquent, heart-full, and clear. Thank you for your courage and generosity. This non-woman is blessed and grateful.

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