Resolution Time

The holidays are over, and it’s time to begin thinking ahead to the new year. 2012 was a challenging one in many ways (see this or this for point of reference), and I’m eager to begin 2013. I have good feelings about what’s to come, and as a new year’s resolution apologist (and as someone who loves public declarations as a means of accountability), I’m sharing with you my resolutions (mainly writing-related) for 2013:

*Write a new novel in 2013. Yes, the whole thing in 2013. (After taking three years on my current project, I think it’s time for a much more compressed timeline.)

*Write a lot of poems. Fiction has a way of taking up a great deal of space in my head, almost to the exclusion of my first love, poetry. In 2013, I’m fixing that problem.

*Take an amazing road trip. This shouldn’t be too hard, given all the stops I have on the Burn This House book tour.

*Run a 10k. I know, I know. Serious runners will scoff at my 10k goals. In fact, I have some friends who consider 50 miles per week an easy schedule. Well, for me, ten whole kilometers is a big deal that will probably take me roughly 9 hours.

*Have reasonable expectations…about nearly everything. It’s easy to think “I’m going to do 58 events for my book’s release” or “I’m going to finally figure out the mythological ‘work/life balance,'” but in 2013, I’m going to do my solid best, then have a glass of wine and call it good. (That is how the Genesis creation story ends, right? He had a glass of wine and called it good?)

Short on new year’s resolutions for yourself? Don’t worry. I’ve helpfully provided some suggestions for you below:

*Quit wearing leggings as pants. They’re just not pants. It’s not a flattering look on anybody. Splurge on a pair of actual pants. And if you’re one of these ladies who’s gone so far as to wear pantyhose as leggings as pants, I will pray for you.

*Stop using Pinterest. It’s only making  you want to buy mason jars you know you’ll never use anyway. Start reading instead. You’re welcome.

*Go visit your local bookstore. Buy that book you want instead of writing down the title to buy on Amazon later. Trust me: you’ll love it.

*Read something you think you might not like. Maybe for you that’s poetry. Maybe that’s genre fiction. Maybe that’s a book on critical theory. Try something new and see where it takes you.

3 Replies to “Resolution Time”

  1. An entire novel in 2013, eh? Best of luck with that one.

    As for the leggings, I will take your advice, but if it costs me the role in the local Shakespeare summer stock production, I will be pissed.

    Happy New Year.

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