A Few Thoughts From My Week off the Road

Yesterday, I was listening to Mudhoney perform on KEXP (yes, I live the best city in the world! I get to tune into public radio on the dial, hear new Mudhoney, and hear it live. It doesn’t get any better than that.). Between songs, the band members talked about their touring schedule for this year, and in the past I might have thought, “gee, Mudhoney. That’s not many dates. How come you can’t tour more?” Now that I’ve got a collective 13 days of book tour-related travel under my belt and another 10 coming up this month, I thought “these guys are touring beasts.” There’s no way I could ever spend as much time on the road as a musician does, and I don’t even have to carry musical instruments with me. It’s not that I don’t like being on the road. In fact, it’s fantastic to be taking my book across the country, and I recognize it as a privilege to be able to take time out of my regular life to think and talk about poetry. But I was definitely not built for long stretches on the road, and I admire those who, like musicians, spend so much of their lives driving, flying, performing, then repeating the process again.

It’s with that newfound appreciation for road warriors that I’m headed out on the road again this week, first to this Saturday’s Press 53 Gathering of Poets in North Carolina. Then it’s off to Chicago on Sunday for the 16th Annual Women’s International Open Reading. Finally, I’m headed to Common Good Books in Minneapolis! I hope to see you somewhere along the road.

2 Replies to “A Few Thoughts From My Week off the Road”

  1. Lovely post as always. Great to see you and Peter. Got a couple typos, thought you’d like to know 🙂

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