The Latest from the Burning House

This past week, I had the somewhat surreal experience of hearing myself talk on public radio. (If you’re like me, you likely talk to yourself plenty, but there’s something deeply odd about hearing your own voice, whether on your voicemail message or, in this case, over the airwaves!) I’m very grateful to Elizabeth Austen  for hosting me on 94.9 KUOW’s new show, The Record. You can hear audio of my reading the poem “One in Four of Us is Marked” here. 

I’m also happy to say that I’ve just posted a Book Club and Readers’ Companion to Burn This House. I’ve been thinking a lot about book clubs lately–about what a great resource they are for connecting people around a shared love of books–and about the fact that we in the poetry world don’t always make our work accessible to groups like book clubs. Rather than keep to the status quo of poetry’s taking up its position in academic libraries or dark coffee shops with lots of awkward finger-snapping, I’d love to see readers pick up collections of poetry to share with friends and neighbors in their communities. Who wants to join me in bringing poetry back to book clubs?

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