Opportunities for Writers in the Days Before AWP

It’s the time of year, namely, the few weeks before the AWP conference, that can seem like a dead zone for writers. Presses and journals are packing up their wares, writers are honing their elevator pitches, and we’re all digging out our best tweed and our Warby Parker eyewear for the impending three days of heavy socializing. But if you’re hankering for a little literary activity before the 10,000 rumored attendees descend on Seattle in late February, there really are plenty of good options to keep the literary gears spinning:

Floating Bride Review, the annual journal printed by Seattle’s own Floating Bridge Press, is now reading poems for its seventh issue. Washington State’s new Poet Laureate, Elizabeth Austen, is this issue’s guest editor, and is looking for poems on the topic of work:

“Work – or the lack of it – shapes our personalities, our days, and our health. It defines our status. Floating Bridge Review #7 seeks poems concerned with the interplay of labor and identity: first jobs, layoffs, job hunting, unemployment, hard labor, happy hour, housework, sex work, volunteer work, retirement.”

Find full guidelines at Floating Bridge Press.

If you’re interested in generating new poems, Seattle-area poets Kelli Russell Agodon and Susan Rich have you covered at their Poetry Writing Retreat Day in Seattle on Saturday, February 15, 2014. This four-hour writing class is designed for all levels of poets, and will help you kick-start new poems and generate ideas for new venues in which to publish, as each poet will leave with a new listing of poetry journals. Class limited to 21 participants. Reserve your spot at http://www.agodon.com/classes.html

If poetry isn’t your bag, how about Creative Nonfiction? Essayist and editor Wendy Call is offering an 8-week online course entitled Next-level Creative Nonfiction. This class will help writers hone their essays through developing skills from research and narrative arc to style and editing. Learn more at http://www.writers.com/call.html

For writers of all stripes, why not submit to the new journal, Cascadia Chronicle? Cascadia is looking for poetry, creative nonfiction, articles, and photography for its debut issue on the theme of “Ring of Fire.” Cascadia is interested in pieces from a variety of disciplines and viewpoints, from the social sciences, natural sciences, arts, and humanities, as it reflects on the Ring of Fire geological region:

“Some possible topics of interest (as they relate to the Ring of Fire) include: geomorphology and consciousness of place; the apocalyptic imagination; sacred and political dimensions of risk; class, poverty and variations of human vulnerability; different modes of remembrance, including indigenous story-telling; tsunamis and their aftermath.”

More information is available at http://www.cascadiachronicle.com

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  1. Kelly, thanks so much for helping get the call for poems for Floating Bridge Review out!

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