A Poem to Share: God in Utah

Over this past month, I’ve been doing some preparation for the workshops and panel talks I’ll be giving at the Skagit River Poetry Festival as one of this year’s featured poets. In one of my workshops, I plan to talk about how poets today and in times past have dealt with issues of faith and doubt, belief and questioning. This wonderful poem called “God in Utah,” written by Martha Silano and appearing in Terrain, is a wonderful piece that mingles a sense of humor with a sense of awe. I think it makes a nice Easter-season read both for those who celebrate and those who don’t.





5 Replies to “A Poem to Share: God in Utah”

  1. Wow. Amazing piece. And the fact that it has the word brachiopod leaves me totally smitten. Congratulations on being featured at Skagit River Festival — you’ll be awesome.

  2. Molly and Claire, glad you enjoyed it!

    And I totally agree with “brachiopod;” I love to see such specific languages used to good effect.

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