On Essays, Poems, Journals, and the Return to the Blog

If there are two things I hate to see bloggers do, it’s 1) take a long, unexplained break from blogging, and 2) return to blogging with wan excuses for the long silence. Since I’ve committed the first of the two blogging crimes in having let some weeks go by without a post, I might as well bring about the self-loathing associated with the second. This spring-into-summer was a tricky one in which I found myself balancing work and writing with a couple of hospitalizations and the feelings of Great Stupidity that come along with all of those IV drugs. But now that I’m on the mend, I’m back with a few tidbits to share! A few weeks ago, The Rumpus printed my personal essay “Strong is the New Sexy,” and I’ve been tremendously moved by the numerous emails I’ve received in response to the piece. While I’m primarily a poet, I felt moved to work a bit in the narrative nonfiction vein, and to talk bluntly about women, body image, and disability/illness. It sometimes seems that disability is the last taboo in the literary world, and I was grateful not only to get a chance to talk about my experience, but also that I was able, it seems, to give a voice to others’ experiences as well. I received mail from women and all over the country who have lived similar stories, and it was wonderfully affirming to share with them. The experience has made me consider whether I’d like to write more nonfiction in addition to poetry. Essays, it seem, have a long reach. I also had the pleasure of being the featured poet at Dialogist last month. Dialogist is a great online journal of poetry and visual art, and I’m grateful to the team for giving me a space to talk more, in verse this time, about the issues of the body. Finally, Tahoma Literary Review has been taking off in a big way. We’re just about through with the production on our first issue, which will launch on August 31. In the meantime, we’re still open to submissions for our second issue, and I’ve written some hopefully helpful hints about submitting. If you’ve ever wondered when’s the best time to submit poems or just what kinds of content editors are looking for, I’ve got the tips for you. Stop by, and consider submitting, won’t you?

One Reply to “On Essays, Poems, Journals, and the Return to the Blog”

  1. What an incredibly beautiful and affecting essay, Kelly. Thank you for writing it. Thank you for the perspective.

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