Submittable from the Editor’s Point of View

Submittable is a wonderful thing. If you’ve been a writer submitting creative work to literary journals or magazines in the past several years, you’ve probably used the service; you can hardly avoid using it if you want your work considered at the majority of the journals in the country. Submittable’s the best, most flexible, most orderly way for literary journals to consider your work and respond to you in a timely manner, but submitters seem to have more than a few questions about just what, exactly, they’re looking at when they log in and manage their work, and plenty more questions about what editors see when they open submissions.

Over the years, one of the most hit-upon posts on this blog has been one in which I explain how Submittable works from the editor’s point of view, and it was only in looking back over that post that I realized how much has changed in terms of Submittable’s technology in recent years and even months. So this week, I’ve updated my advice considerably. I hope you’ll shuffle on over to G&D: The Blog and have a look. 

Happy submitting!

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