About Kelly

Hi there. I’m Kelly, and I’m a writer.

photo by Adrianne Mathiowetz
photo by Adrianne Mathiowetz

I live and work in London, UK, where I make a living as a copywriter.

My essay collection, It’s Just Nerves, is available from Squares and Rebels Press.

My debut poetry collection, Burn This House, is available from Red Hen Press. My second poetry collection, The Book of the Unreal Woman, is forthcoming from Salmon Poetry.

You can find my work in publications including The New York Times, Poetry Northwest, Women’s Review of Books, and others. 

Please get in touch below if you have questions, comments, or want to schedule apeparances. You can also Follow @kellydavio on Twitter.

5 Replies to “About Kelly”

  1. I’d never thought about an album and aa poetry collection as differentiated from individual pieces. Hey, everything’s clear after someone else has expressed it, right?

    Are you going to tell us something about the wrestling that Jacob does in your verse novel?

  2. Thank you, Kelly, so much for selecting Alexandria for the CNY poetry award. It means so much to me! All the best, jasmine

  3. Hi Kelly!

    I read your nonfiction piece of writing published by ‘Change Seven” magazine today. It’s the first piece of nonfiction I’ve read in a long time that has me hanging on the author’s every word… I’m grateful that you decided to share it with the world. You have inspired me!

    Please keep on going with your writing!


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